A rating of 5 is not high enough for Norris. He gets a 10 out of 5. He is a wonderful film maker. Your wedding day is fleeting and those moments captured on film are so precious. You need a professional like Norris and his team. He was such a pleasure to work with and hang around all day. Allen and I could not be happier with the highlight video. The whole story of our special day was beautifully shot and edited. Everyone loved our video. He was worth it!

Victoria + Allen

Norris was amazing!! He met with us before we booked him, to review his previous videos and answer all our questions. Before and after the big day, he was always easily accessible. He answered text messages late into the night! Most importantly, our highlight video was simply magnificent. It perfectly captured our happy day, and made our Mom’s cry when they watched it. =)

Renée + Rob

Will and I really love our Same Day Edit by Norris Films! Originally, we thought that the price tag was hard to justify because it was pricier than all other videographers we know. But, it was actually worth every single penny! When I first watched Norris’ video at a friend’s wedding few years ago, I was wowed. So when it’s my turn to get married, I immediately contacted Norris and booked him for my wedding. Norris and team was extremely professional throughout the day, despite having tight schedules and multiple locations for Chinese tea ceremony. We did not feel rushed at all and they managed to capture the essence of our wedding while being able to match the feel of the song we picked. He went above and beyond to what we asked for and we especially loved his attention to details. We both agreed that it was one of the best decisions we’ve made for the wedding. We enjoyed working with him.

Lorita + Will

Norris is the BEST!! From the first time I met him, I knew he would be a great fit for our wedding day and the perfect person to do our SDE. The day of the wedding he fit right in with the bridal party and it was like he was just a part of the family! He captured our wedding day so beautifully and created the most amazing video to show for it! It will be something we will cherish forever! Thank you :)

Kirsten + Jeff

Norris was amazing! He was the videographer at my best friend’s wedding in 2015 and when my husband proposed to me, he was one of the first vendors we made sure we booked. Norris is funny and definitely lightens the mood for everyone around. He was professional and he provides all his footage extremely quickly. All my family and friends loved the same-day-edit video and the family that have watched the raw footage think he and Kevin did a great job that day. Memories captured on video are different from photographs and I’m sure that we will watch the video footage again in years to come! The same-day-edit service is pricey, but definitely worth every penny. He really captures your moments and is able to let the personalities of the wedding couple really shine through.

Alison + Carson

Norris did an amazing job and we are so glad that we had hired Norris for our wedding. He is dedicated, patient, fun to work with and we could see that he definitely had put his best foot forward in making our same day edit, which was so seamlessly and touches our hearts and was the most perfect grand finale for our wedding reception that we could ever ask for. We received so many compliments from our guests as well on how well made the video is. We strongly recommend Norris to anyone who truly cares about the production quality as well as telling a story in the most seamless and creative way.

Tracy + Ernest

Norris is always amazing. He is funny and sweet and knows exactly what he’s doing. If you give him an idea of what you like, he is able to make magic :) He made an AMAZING wedding SDE for us and all our guests loved it. He is so happy and easy to communicate with and loves his craft. We couldn’t ask for a better videographer.

Serene + Jon

If there is one “must haves” I can suggest for those couples preparing for a wedding, it is to “say yes” to having a videographer especially Norris Films. No matter how much you try to enjoy the day and take in the moment, the day goes by really fast, and watching the same day edit video and raw footages really helped us solidify the great memories of our wedding day. It is definitely worth every penny. Norris was very responsive throughout the wedding planning process and was extremely helpful and flexible with the screen and projector situation we had at the venue! He is friendly and professional all in one. He even helped brainstorm the perfect song to go with the SDE. But the most amazing thing about Norris is his sense of humor and ability to keep me smiling throughout the day while he captured every moment candidly. He can communicate with my parents in Cantonese which was super helpful. We really appreciated having such cool vendors with us on our big day to lighten the stress level. The same day edit video received great reviews from all our family and friends, even our professional DJ entertainer said it was the best SDE he had ever seen!!! Thank you so much Norris for capturing the day with such sweetness and humor! We will be watching the wedding video for years to come :)

 Katherine + Jason

Norris and his team was fantastic to work with. Our package consisted of an introduction film, wedding day coverage, a highlights (4min) and feature (60min) film. Though we waited just over 6 months for our highlights and feature film (we had a high-season summer wedding), we were absolutely thrilled with the final product. Norris is very creative and his style is cinematic – the videos alone tell a beautiful story. Before our wedding day, we met with Norris to shoot our highlights film, which was shown during our wedding reception. On our wedding day, Norris and Chris was punctual (early in fact!) and worked really well with our photographer, Lisa Mark in coordinating different shots they needed. Norris captured all the key moments in the day. My recommendations: if you are deciding whether to hire a videographer for your wedding? Yes, it’s an investment, but the memories will last a lifetime. If you are considering whether to hire Norris and his team? Take a look through Norris’ portfolio on his website – if you like his style, then I highlight recommend make this investment. His style is truly unique and I have not seen the same from any other videographer. Thank you Norris & Chris for all your hard work! Hope you get some well-deserved rest during non-peak season :)

Lily + Stephen

We can’t express enough how much we enjoyed working with Norris. On the big day, we had a great time cracking jokes and just taking the time to enjoy the little moments. His personality made everyone feel at ease and my bridesmaids thought he must have been a long time friend by the way we were goofing around. He is a master of leading the wedding party and was able to get the shots quickly (which was really important and greatly appreciated in that heat). Not to mention that same day edit package really WOWED our guests. My husband and I were patting ourselves on the back and high- fiving each other for going with Norris and it was the best investment we ever made.

Sarah + Mike
 I knew I wanted to use Norris as my videographer as he did an amazing video for one of my friends wedding. Now all my friends are raving about my SDE! Norris has truly captured every move, every emotion and every heartfelt moment in just 4 minutes. Not only was he very accommodating with any of our requests, he also provided lots of great suggestions, directions and made the experience very fun and enjoyable. Thanks again Norris!

S + A

norris films was amazing throughout the entire day. professional friendly during prep. transparent during ceremony / reception. the same day edit was easily the highlight of the day. money well spent.

Alison + Carson

We initially decided not to have a videographer, but I have to say looking back that it was likely the best purchase and decision to have Norris capture our wedding in film. Norris was so easy to work with. He captured our wedding day so beautifully. His ability to tell a story through our same day edit video and short film is amazing. Super professional and nonintrusive.. so much so that we barely even noticed that we were being videotaped the whole time! He took the time to understand our vision and style… loved that we can look back at our wedding through film now. Would highly recommend Norris!

Florence + Mark

When you guys told me you were available for my wedding date … I was super excited! You guys were professionals and approachable! You guys were so easy to work with. My guest love the video that you and your team made and moved some of our guest to tears. Our schedule was super tight but you guys were so accommodating and making everything happened! Mike and I are eternally grateful for what you and your team has accomplished for our wedding day. The Same Day Edit video that you and your team made show your creativity, professionalism, and experience.We love your work! Thank you so much for everything and making my special day so much more memorable and amazing! Continue with your fantastic work! Thank you so much again!

Alice + Michael

Fantastic work by Norris very professional and caring attitude. Made both me and my husband feel very comfortable thoughout the whole day.

D + N

From the moment we contacted Norris he was very professional and efficient. We met with him to discuss our wedding and he was even able to provide us with samples of other indian weddings he’s filmed. Norris and his team knew the exact moments to capture and he was able to attend other wedding functions to film for us. He even created a next day edit that we were able to show at our wedding reception. It was fabulous! Norris finished our wedding video in such a timely fashion it was done in 6 months, which we were very happy about. He stuck to what he said when we initially met with him. Not only did Norris finish the video in amazing time, it was such great quality and included all the important aspects of our wedding and wedding events. He was even able to put all the raw footage for us on a separate hard drive. We were so glad to have Norris film our special day!

Hema + Manveer

I am so grateful and happy for finding Norris for our wedding videography!! Super nice, super cool, and his footage is amazing! You definitely don’t feel like just another client, or the next couple in line. Can’t thank him enough for working around our busy schedule, big families and different song requests which turned into an amazing same day edit video that received so many compliments! He took it upon himself to use the partition wall at the hall instead of using the smaller projectors which made for an amazing cinema like experience! I am excited to see more of our wedding soon!

Sheetal + Trushar

My now husband and I wanted a videographer for our wedding. When we saw Norris’ work, we immediately knew he was the one. We love the style of his work. Our same dayedit turned out amazing!!! Everyone at the wedding loved it. It was such a pleasure working with Norris. I would definitely recommend his services.

Amanda + Derek

Norris and his team did an awesome job while making the entire experience fun, light and exciting. He never had to tell us to smile (for those who aren’t naturally a model) and he made sure he got the right shots no matter where my wife and I were with no interruption to flow! The same day edit was so elegant and heart warming. The masterpiece he produced captured all the small and big moments and will forever be a perfect reminder of our special day. Thank you so much!

Vivian + Simon

I first saw Norris’ work in 2009 when my friend was looking for a cinematographer for her wedding. I fell in LOVE with Norris’ first same day edit (SDE) and was ecstatic when my friend decided to go with him. My husband and I researched many cinematographers for our own wedding in 2013 and always went back to Norris Films. Norris’ SDE prices are the best in the industry considering his top-notch work quality. In addition, Norris was flexible with dates and valued our ideas. As a result, many of our friends went (and are going) with Norris Films for their weddings too. Norris is very busy and sometimes doesn’t respond right away; but he was always available when decisions needed to be made and on location when final dates were set. He’s consistently available when it matters! Thanks for documenting our wedding day, Norris! We’ll see you at the next wedding!

Wei + Thao

We watched our first Norris Films SDE back in 2012 at our friend’s wedding. The impressive quality of the video led us to decide (already at the time) that we would use Norris too in the future for our wedding. Sure enough, two years down the road we contacted Norris and it was set – we couldn’t wait to see his work! The numerous compliments we received for our SDE from both friends and family in Toronto and Hong Kong proved the quality of work. We would definitely recommend Norris Films for your wedding – the team was great to work with!!

Olivia + Wilson

Norris was extremely professional and our video was spectacular. I would recommend him to anyone


What a blast it was having Norris as our videographer! We were so impressed at how fun and outgoing he was while still maintaining extreme professionalism and courtesy. Before I even mention the Same Day Edit, I need to make mention of the fact that Norris went above and beyond what his title was. Wherever and whenever help was needed, Norris was happy and willing to lend a hand. He wasn’t just our videographer – it felt like he was part of the bridal party family!

When we first watched our Same Day Edit with all of our guests the night of our reception, we knew it was the best we could ever have asked for. The most special words, the most precious people, and the most unforgettable moments were all captured and highlighted in this video. We loved it. And so did our guests. Norris has a gift of making the best memories last forever. We will watch our video again and again.

Norris, thank you so, so much. Every time we watch our video, it brings such warmth and fuzziness to our hearts :).

Jessie + Mario

My experience with Norris was great. I met Norris through my cousin, who hired him for her wedding in Calgary. When it came time for me to hire a videographer, I didn’t have to look anywhere else but Norris Films. Norris kept the atmosphere light and easy, and both he and Ramon were great to work with. I thought it would be awkward with a camera around, but Norris and Ramon stayed professional and relatively invisible, and it made the day go by easier with all the stress of keeping up with a schedule, large families, etc. Norris became our timekeeper, keeping us on schedule and getting the shots he needed within the time allowed. I’m very satisfied with the results – Norris has a vision of the day that would be hard to beat! Since the wedding, I consider Norris not only a great videographer, but a friend as well, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him to any of my friends or family!

Mike + Lorraine

The first time I saw you in action was at a friend’s wedding. After watching the same day edit during the reception, I knew that I wanted you as my cinematographer(and this was before I was engaged!)

As I watch my wedding videos tonight, I started to tear up again because you have captured all the most important moments of our day, including ones where I wasn’t present like when Des was getting ready in the morning. Having a trustworthy and proven cinematographer was very important to me because I know that our special day only happens once in a life time. I can’t believe that we only met once, and the deal was done, with almost everything worked out.

On the day of our wedding, you and your team was flexible and accommodating. We felt totally at ease around you. Our guests were EXTREMELY impressed with the same day edit shown at our reception! It didn’t stop there, you were so prompt to deliver the remaining videos when we wanted them to share with our grandparents overseas!

You were definitely one of the best vendors on our list! Until this day, we highly recommend you to our friends and family! Desmond and I are both truly thankful that you were with us on our special day! We have gained a friend! xoxo.

Rebecca + Desmond

We can’t get enough of our amazing Same Day Edit. Norris and his crew caught every important moment and emotion of our day, and we can’t stop watching it. It truly is a piece of art. Thank you so much for the most amazing keepsake we could ask for!

Neena + Rob

Our SDE video was AMAZING!! It was only a few minutes long, but it fully captured the essence and magic of my wedding. Something ordinary with Norris’s art eye becomes extraordinary! Everyone who saw the video said it was the best video they have ever seen and everyone cried after seeing your video!

Jen + Marvin

WOW! What can I say about Norris and his company Norris Films! Our SDE is by far the most incredible video I have ever seen! Norris was so passionate about his work and so easy to work with. His creativity and skills are unparellel and I’m so happy with everything him and his team put together for our wedding! HUGE RECOMMENDATIONS! for his work. I couldn’t even imagine not having a SDE for our special day!!!! Can’t wait for the feature film!

Rose + Khuong

We can start off with Norris is such a dorky guy who loves his Mini and his horrible bubble tea … but maybe you can use this:

One of the greatest decisions that we have ever made about our wedding was to hire Norris to document it. Norris is a true professional – he’s involved without being persistent (it’s a fine balance), provides solutions to problems and he always, always, always does everything with a smile. It was evident from the very beginning at our introductory meeting, which turned into a three-hour talkfest, that Norris wasn’t just the typical vendor who rushed things; he was someone who genuinely cared about our wedding and had our best interests at heart.

It’s been months since our wedding, and we can honestly say that we are extremely grateful to have Norris to document our wedding. The final product was a work of art and it even went beyond our very high expectations. Every moment was captured exquisitely and it was like watching a series of beautiful moving photos all rolled into a film. Five stars, Norris!

Julia + Alvin

5 Stars for Norris! I think he was one of my favourite vendors. Everyone was amazed at the same-day-edit (SDE) he did for us which we played during dinner. He’s an awesome guy, extremely helpful and remained pretty invisible throughout the day! I never understood what it meant when he said he’d stay out of my way until I went to a wedding and the videographer was so in your face and blocking the guests views did I fully appreciate what he meant.

I went with Norris very last minute because I wasn’t sure if I wanted a videographer. But trust me, when you’re standing at the end of the aisle walking towards your husband-to-be and you already wear contacts but you’re not exactly 20/20, you cannot see your husband-to-be welling up in tears. I only saw this through Norris’ SDE. They captured a lot of things that you can’t really take a picture for.

Everyone was so impressed with his work, even my photographer. This guy is definitely going somewhere great and he’ll be very busy with all my referrals. Haha.

Karen + Alex

Norris and his team were instrumental to the success of our wedding! He went totally above and beyond the duties of a videographer, and became more like a friend and member of the wedding party throughout our time working together!

We had Norris put together a surprise introduction video for our wedding party that we played during our entrance into the hall… BIG HIT with everyone! The style was comedic, and everyone agreed the concept was unique. Our same-day-edit was also done in time for dessert, and was a HUGE hit with all of our guests… people are still talking about it weeks after our wedding. Hubby and I can’t wait to see the full-length feature!

Norris and his team were quick, adaptable and professional and worked well with our other vendors to really make our night seamless, despite a few media setup issues that we found out later ended up working out because of Norris’ help!

These are the kind of vendors you want to work with on your wedding day – the ones that make you feel taken care of and in good hands during one of the most important days of your life – the final products blew us away!

Wedding Party Intro video: http://www.vimeo.com/26821525

Same-day-edit: http://www.vimeo.com/26661684

Charbarz + Nvinceble

Norris and his team are AMAZING to work with from start to finish. They are truly passionate about what they do and they are extremely talented at what they do. They made the day absolutely magical for us =). They are so cool to be around and we just love their work so much, Mr and I have decided We’ll be hiring them for our future milestones in life as well. Can’t wait!

Yao + Al

Norris and his team are the kind of people you want to work with when you are planning a wedding. We trusted their skills, talent and services and left all our faith in them to provide us the best wedding cinematography. Actually, we hired him when he was based back in HK.. We only googled him and had very little knowledge about his company. But dispite of that, we took a gamble, found a gem, a friend and the best possible guy who can work with our style and produce the most memorable wedding video.

Frances + Allen