How To Plan A Wedding During COVID-19

How To Plan A Wedding During COVID-19

Whether you’re looking to plan your wedding locally or for a destination, there is a lot of uncertainty involved with COVID-19 restrictions and what it can mean for your event.  This includes your wedding date, how many guests can attend, location, and whether or not travel can be involved.
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It’s safe to say that any type of wedding for the foreseeable future will be different.  This can mean having to settle or plan for a smaller scale or intimate wedding (which means a smaller processional), or having to shift your wedding date entirely.  To help you be better prepared, you will have to accept that there is a high chance your plans will have to change drastically.

The greatest advice anyone can give right now is to be prepared, keep up with any COVID-19 restriction changes, and keep in touch with your vendors and any visitors. If your budget allows, we recommend hiring a professional planner to help you make sense of it all. The most important advice however, is to remember to keep your eyes on the goal and not lose sight of it. Stay positive! This way it becomes a matter of not “if”, but “when”.

Know The Rules

While we’ve had the privilege of being able to continue filming during COVID-19, we’ve seen wedding sizes change drastically.  Some weddings were as small as 5-10 total attendees including the bride and groom. Although it was quite different from the typical sized weddings we were accustomed to, the more intimate feel gave a unique vibe to the whole event.  It gave us the chance to focus more on every small detail and moment of the day.

We also saw that certain venues only allowed fully vaccinated guests (with proof) to attend the event, which we recommend as it ensures everyone’s safety.  With the current Omicron variant, there have been a number of new guidelines set in place for Ontario that can affect your wedding.  The current guide is as follow:

We always recommend to stay as up-to-date as possible so that you can plan accordingly based on the situation.  Capacities and restrictions are subject to change at any time, and so must your planning.

What's Next?

No one can predict what will happen next, but COVID-19 has had a significant impact on the wedding business. Despite this, we’ve managed to adapt and conquer the ever-changing sector, and we continue to endeavour to provide our couples with high-quality stories. We recommend speaking with your wedding planner or vendors if you’re still confused what steps to follow for preparing your wedding. They may be in a better position to support and guide you along the way.

If you’d like to see how a wedding during COVID-19 looks like, be sure to check out our video below!

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