How Much Does A Wedding Cost In Toronto In 2022?

How Much Does A Wedding Cost In Toronto In 2022?

Your wedding is an exciting milestone of your life! But a successful wedding also requires good planning and accurate budgeting. To help you out, we went to explore all about wedding planning from three of Toronto’s top wedding planners: Mallory Cheung, Wu La La Weddings, and Devoted To You.

Here’s a summary of our discussion, so that you can learn more about wedding planning and how much wedding items cost on average in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in 2022.

Key Wedding Figures

Average Price Of Wedding


Average Number Of Reception Guests


6 Highest Ticket Price Wedding Items

Reception & Catering: 49.6%

This is the most expensive part of a wedding, and makes up almost half of your total wedding costs.

Photo & Video: 14.6%

The second highest cost on the wedding list are photographers and videographers. Some couples choose either one, but many go with both.

Floral & Decor: 7.8%

Note this is usually the most labour intensive item on the wedding list and typically must be handled with extreme care.

Hair, Makeup & Attire: 6.8%

No matter if you're hosting a big celebration or a more intimate option, feeling glamorous on your wedding day is a must!

Entertainment: 5.3%

The most popular option are DJs. Other popular choices include live music, photo booths, and various types of live entertainment.

Rings: 4.4%

This is the average price for wedding bands. Note that your engagement band isn't included in the shared wedding budget since it has already been paid for.

A Further Breakdown Of Average Wedding Costs In The Greater Toronto Area

Venue & Food

Reception & Catering






Rehearsal Dinner



Photo & Video


Floral & Decor


Wedding Planner




Hair, Makeup & Attire





Groom Outfit


Hair & Makeup



Reception Band


Reception DJ


Ceremony Musicians







Wedding Favours


The Top 5 Wedding Items You Can Go Without

Musicians & DJs

Ask guests for music requests when they RSVP, and then load it onto your wedding playlist. There are also DJ apps that can work great!

Rehearsal Dinners

It’s okay to go without a rehearsal dinner, but please be respectful and let guests attending the rehearsal know this in advance.


There are a wide range of invitation and stationery choices out there, including online printables and digital options!


Plan fancy rides if you can afford it. But borrowing a friend’s nice car or using your personal car is also totally fine.


We see wedding favours left behind at weddings all the time. Guests are there to celebrate you, so don't stress too much about favours.

The Top 5 Wedding Items You Should Splurge On

Reception & Catering

It's a sweet gesture to treat the important people in your life to a great meal & reception.

Photo & Video

We might be biased, but this makes your wedding day memory last for years to come.

Wedding Dress

The right dress fits your style, will flatter your body, and ultimately make you feel amazing.

Hair & Makeup

You want to look your best, so relax and get your hair and makeup done professionally.


You will wear this for life! Gold and diamonds increase in value so it's a great investment, too.

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