Bridal Shower Games (Free Printables!)

Bridal Shower Games (Free Printables!)

Planning a bridal shower? We came up with four printable games that will get your bridal shower guests laughing!

Instructions For Use

  1. Download the pdf games package onto your computer. Note: We have two versions available. If you want to print a black and white version, click the “DOWNLOAD BLACK & WHITE VERSION” link. If you want a colour version, click the “DOWNLOAD COLOUR VERSION” link.
  2. Open the pdf file on your favourite pdf software.
  3. Load your printer with white letter sized paper.
  4. Print the file. You can choose to have one page per letter sized paper, or two pages on each letter sized paper to save paper. Both work well!
  5. Trim the page as needed.
  6. Use the games during your bridal shower!

Guess The Dress!

Break out the crayons, just like when you were kids. Get your bridal shower guests to draw the wedding dress that they think the bride-to-be will wear on the big day. The bride determines the winner!

A Letter To The Bride

Remember ‘Mad Libs’ as a kid? Well, this is our grown-up version that doubles as a letter to the bride. You can play it however you like: either get the guests to fill in the blanks with a meaningful message to the bride, or make it fun and come up with quirky messages to ease the bride’s nerves on the big day!

Would She Rather?

See which bridal shower guest knows the bride the most. Does the bride prefer … Soup or salad? … To cook dinner or do the dishes? Guests go through a list of questions, and have to choose the answer that they think the bride would pick for each one. The guest who gets the most right answers wins!

How Old Was She?

Walk down memory lane with the bride. Prepare a series of 10 photos from the bride’s life at different ages and label them randomly from 1 to 10. Guests have to write down how old they think the bride was in each photo. The one who gets the most answers correct is the winner!

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