Film Samples

Norris Films Film Samples

Highlights Film

4-6 minutes

Our 4-6 minute highlights film is our most popular option and is a great way for couples looking to re-experience and share all the magical moments of their wedding day on social media or with family and friends. 

The highlights film features one song, and provides a mix of slow and fast paced scenes to help to tell a more creative recap of your entire day and includes voice overs, the best parts of your reception speeches and other key moments.

Short Film

12-18 minutes

For couples looking to relive even more of their wedding day but still keep that unique storytelling aspect, we recommend our 12-18 minute short film option.  This 3-4 song film offers more mini-stories of the day within the video that retells events in more detail.  With a more variety of songs, this allows us to create a more cinematic experience to tell your story.  

Feature Film

60 minutes

If you want to experience every moment of your wedding day, share your day with family and friends who could not attend or give your parents a unique gift, our up to 60 minute feature film is the perfect option for you! 

This film is great for rewatching on your anniversary or when you just feel like reliving one of the happiest days of your lives.  The feature film is edited in a more chronological order so you can re-live the day just as it happened from beginning to end and includes up to 7 songs.  Each song represents a different chapter of your day, so we recommend choosing a good mix of faster and slower paced songs to better allow us to tell your story in a creative way.

With a longer film, you also get to watch and hear your closest friends and family share everything about you on your big day.  This film also includes your first dance, which allows you to experience your guests reactions as they watch you dance together and get lost in each other in such a special moment.

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