How Much Does A Wedding Cost In Toronto In 2024?

How Much Does A Wedding Cost In Toronto In 2024?

Wedding Cost Guide Feat. Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events and Devoted To You Inc.

Your wedding is an exciting milestone of your life! But a successful wedding also requires good planning and accurate budgeting.  For the unprepared, the price tag for a wedding in Toronto can come as a surprise.  In fact, a poll conducted back in 2015 showed that couples believed that the average price of a wedding was only in the $9,000 range compared to the average cost of $40,000 or more.  So how much should you be looking to budget for your wedding?

To help you out, we went to explore all about wedding planning from three of Toronto’s top wedding planners: Rebecca Chan Weddings, Wu La La Weddings, and Devoted To You.

Here is a summary of our discussion, so that you can learn more about wedding planning and how much wedding items cost on average in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in 2024.

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Key Wedding Figures

Average Price Of Wedding


Average Number Of Reception Guests


6 Highest Ticket Price Wedding Items

Reception & Catering: 49.6%

This is the most expensive part of a wedding, and makes up almost half of your total wedding costs.

Photo & Video: 14.6%

The second highest cost on the wedding list are photographers and Toronto wedding videographers. Some couples choose either one, but many go with both.

Floral & Decor: 7.8%

Note this is usually the most labour intensive item on the wedding list and typically must be handled with extreme care.

Hair, Makeup & Attire: 6.8%

No matter if you're hosting a big celebration or a more intimate option, feeling glamorous on your wedding day is a must!

Entertainment: 5.3%

The most popular option are DJs. Other popular choices include live music, photo booths, and various types of live entertainment.

Rings: 4.4%

This is the average price for wedding bands. Note that your engagement band isn't included in the shared wedding budget since it has already been paid for.

A Further Breakdown Of Average Wedding Costs In The Greater Toronto Area

Venue & Food

Reception & Catering






Rehearsal Dinner



Photo & Video


Floral & Decor


Wedding Planner




Hair, Makeup & Attire





Groom Outfit


Hair & Makeup



Reception Band


Reception DJ


Ceremony Musicians







Wedding Favours


The Top 5 Wedding Items You Can Go Without

Musicians & DJs

Ask guests for music requests when they RSVP, and then load it onto your wedding playlist. There are also DJ apps that can work great!

Rehearsal Dinners

It’s okay to go without a rehearsal dinner, but please be respectful and let guests attending the rehearsal know this in advance.


There are a wide range of invitation and stationery choices out there, including online printables and digital options!


Plan fancy rides if you can afford it. But borrowing a friend’s nice car or using your personal car is also totally fine.


We see wedding favours left behind at weddings all the time. Guests are there to celebrate you, so don't stress too much about favours.

How Much Is It To Hire A Wedding Videographer In Toronto?

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The Top 5 Wedding Items You Should Splurge On

Reception & Catering

It's a sweet gesture to treat the important people in your life to a great meal & reception.

Photo & Video

We might be biased, but Toronto wedding videography makes your wedding day memory last for years to come.

Wedding Dress

The right dress fits your style, will flatter your body, and ultimately make you feel amazing.

Hair & Makeup

You want to look your best, so relax and get your hair and makeup done professionally.


You will wear this for life! Gold and diamonds increase in value so it's a great investment, too.

Should You Hire A Toronto Wedding Videographer?

When it comes to the planning phase, Toronto wedding videography is frequently placed into the “maybe” basket. This is frequently due to money constraints, with couples debating whether a wedding videographer is truly necessary or whether the money on this aspect of your wedding is justified. 

If you’re still on the fence, here are some things to consider:

Storytelling Through Motion

While having photography for your wedding day is certainly a must, the addition of movement through wedding videography and impact it has is something that photos just can’t do.  Photos can definitely capture all the little spontaneous moments, but with video you can relive everything leading up to those moments over and over.  

One example is the ‘first look’, which allows you to relive the excitement and build-up to that one particular moment when your true love sees you in your wedding gown. It’s amazing to see both of your reactions as your eyes meet.

Missed Moments

On your wedding day, there is already a lot going on that can be distractions. That’s when wedding videography comes into play. For example, having Toronto wedding videographers attending your wedding ensures that emotions from parents/friends, as well as any other minor events that occur during critical times of the day, are documented when you are both up the altar and focused on each other during your ceremony.

Having a wedding videographer allows you to see other important reactions that you will miss as a bride, such as the groom getting ready and seeing his anticipation, or him seeing you walk down the aisle.  It’s the little moments that go unnoticed that make wedding videography so much more valuable.

Sweet Sound

While your guests will almost certainly be filming your wedding day on their phones, clean and crisp audio is still required to make your wedding video unforgettable. Visual elements are crucial, but when they are paired with excellent sound, the storytelling experience is completely transformed.

Without great audio, looking back on your ceremony and hearing you both exchange your vows to each other, or even remembering the silly stories your bridal party told everyone about you, wouldn’t have the same effect. Even the right music to accompany your visuals can take your Toronto wedding film to new heights.

Sharing Is Caring

While it’s a given that not everyone will be able to attend your wedding, we’re sure that they still would want want to be able to enjoy your wedding the way it was meant to be enjoyed. With a wedding video, sharing that experience with others is as simple as pressing a button. Even if friends and relatives were unable to attend, having a professional wedding film shared with them allows them to feel as if they were present in the audience during your ceremony.

While hiring a Toronto wedding videographer may not be considered a “necessity,” the benefits of having one for your wedding can be invaluable. Wedding photography while also important, videography offers a different perspective of your wedding day.

How To Create A Realistic Wedding Budget

Everyone dreams of their ideal wedding, there are ways to have one without jeopardizing your long-term financial goals. The most recommended strategy to staying on track with your wedding planning and expenditures is to create a realistic wedding budget plan.

It can be difficult to come up with a reasonable wedding budget. Because a basic budget is set out before researching any costs, couples frequently go considerably over budget. As a result, certain costs are underestimated, catching everyone off guard.

The easiest approach to get started is to treat your wedding budget like any other budget, which means you’ll need to figure out how you’ll spend every dollar and where it’ll go. When you’re adding anything with unneeded prices to your budget, it’s very easy to go overboard, as it is with most budgets. Even something as simple as a spreadsheet can help you stay on budget by breaking down costs at a glance.

The first step in planning a wedding budget is determining how much you can afford to spend on the event. The simplest way to do this is to sit down with your partner and talk about any short- and long-term financial goals you have, as well as how much money you should spend for your wedding to achieve those goals. If you want to ask for financial assistance with your wedding expenses, or if your family has already agreed to help, this will be factored into your plans.

Once you’ve determined these numbers, you’ll have a great starting point to begin budgeting your wedding.

Below is an example of items that you will want to consider when budgeting your wedding.  This will vary between couples, preferences and other determining factors and you may end up wanting to spend more or less.  We’ve also included what percentage of each item may take up in your budget:

  • Reception (Venue, meals, wedding cake, wedding decor etc)
  • Ceremony (Venue, decorations, officiant, etc)
  • Wedding rings
  • Wedding attire (Dress, shoes, jewelry, hair/makeup, etc)
  • Floral
  • Photography and videography
  • Entertainment (DJ, live band etc.)
  • Wedding invitations and stationery
  • Transportation
  • Bridal party gifts

Here we’ll go over each category along with the average percentage.  The percentages are for reference only and can change based on each couple’s needs.

Reception - 45-50%

The reception and anything associated with it will be the most expensive part of your budget. The reception component of your wedding is likely to account for a significant portion of your overall costs, as it includes items such as the venue itself, guest food, the wedding cake, and decorations, among other things.

Ceremony - 2-3%

Booking a venue for the ceremony alone can increase the whole cost significantly, but if your reception venue also offers a space for ceremonies and can package a price together for you, you can save a little money. The cost of booking your officiant will be included in the ceremony cost.

Wedding rings - 3-5%

Wedding bands are definitely one of the top things you want to make sure you don’t forget when budgeting your wedding.  Wedding bands represent your lasting love with your partner, so you’ll want to list this under the essentials of your budget.

Wedding attire - 6-9%

Having an extravagant gown, a sophisticated suit, and having your hair and makeup done for you and your wedding party may quickly add up. A good wedding gown can cost upwards of $3,000 on its own.

Floral - 8%

This can account for up to 8% of your total wedding budget, depending on the sort and quantity of flowers you desire. If you want to save money, consider artificial flowers or DIY crafts that look like flowers.

Photography & Videography - 12-15%

Photography and Toronto wedding videography are two of the most important items to factor into your budget. This might account for up to 15% of your total budget. As a result, you’ll want to select the best photo and videography vendors to make sure you get your money’s worth. To locate the ideal vendor for your wedding, use reviews or word of mouth to guarantee that your memories are documented in the best possible way.

Entertainment and Music - 7-8%

When it comes to wedding music and entertainment, the most popular choices are a live band or a professional wedding DJ. Both have their own set of expenses, but they should account for about 7-8% of your whole budget.

Wedding Invitations & Stationery - 3%

A well-made invitation and stationery are always appreciated. Many factors, including as the quantity of prints required and the quality of paper used, can increase the cost of invitations and stationery. Particularly if you intend to have ceremony programmes, menus etc. For those on a budget, there are also cheaper paper options and DIY alternatives to consider.

Transportation - 2%

Transportation can include providing transportation for your wedding party and immediate relatives, as well as providing transportation for guests flying in. Regardless of the method you choose, hiring a private vehicle can cost 1-2% of your total budget. The most cost-effective alternative would be to provide transportation just for your wedding party and encourage guests to make their own arrangements.

Bridal Party Gifts - 2%

Gifts for the bridal party are one of the last large items to factor into your budget. While the thought is important, you don’t want to skimp on expressing your gratitude to them. This item could also contain gifts for your visitors, so depending on which option you select, you’ll need to budget accordingly.

If the entire cost of your wedding appears to be out of reach after reviewing your costs and breakdowns, you may want to consider delaying your wedding slightly and opting for an extended engagement. As a result, you’ll have more time to save and plan for things other than the wedding.

It’s crucial that you and your partner keep track of your expenditures and how they relate to your budget. You’ll need to account for all potential expenses, including any that might come up unexpectedly. Don’t overlook the small details either, like name cards, candles etc. After all, it’s always the little things can easily add up and catch you off guard.

The good news is that there are a number of ways that you can save some costs on your wedding.  Most of them involve DIY alternatives that you and your wedding party can hand craft.  You can also consider DIY crafts or bulk buying items to cut down wherever possible.

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