How To Pose For Your Wedding Videos

How To Pose For Your Wedding Videos

If you’ve been looking through Pinterest, Instagram or wedding magazines, you might get intimidated by “the wedding shoot”. The truth is, many of these “couples” are not real couples but professional models!

You really don’t have to prepare in advance before your wedding, because it is our job to make you look good! We’ll guide you every step of the way on the day of, so you always look your best. The best part? Videos are forgiving and your candid personalities are naturally beautiful and how you want to remember your wedding day.

But if want to get some extra pointers on how to get prepared for your shoot beforehand, here are our top tips!


We get to know you from the start in order to really communicate your personality in your wedding video. By the time we hit our style shoot, we have a good idea of how to bring out the best in you. If you’re a bit goofy, we’ll throw in a few fun poses. For the mellow types, we’ll focus on more candid and romantic poses.

At the end of the day, we want you to relax, enjoy the moment, and be yourself. This way, we’ll capture who you really are, and all the other pieces will fall beautifully together.

Bring A Prop

Some people don’t like to be in the spotlight, so bringing a meaningful prop can distract you from the camera, and can better communicate your personality. We recommend cute or pretty props (like a giant round balloon) or an object that means something to the both of you (like sharing a favourite food).

While the two of you do your thing, we will get as many great video shots as we can. Once that is over, you’ll probably be more comfortable with us to get a few more natural candid shots.

Use Your Angles

Unless you have the rare symmetric face, most people look better when they’re posing at an angle. Plus, playing up your angles are usually more flattering on your body and can make shots look much more interesting.


Turn your body so your hips are 45° from the camera. Put your weight on your back foot.
Point your front foot out towards the camera.
Put your front arm on your hip.


Put your feet shoulder-width apart.
Put your weight on one foot.
Relax your shoulders.
Put one hand in your pocket.

Couple Shots

Face each other and have your hips touch.
Face each other and have your entire body touch with no gap.
Grooms, stand behind the bride and hug her.
Grooms, face your bride and lift her up. Brides, lift up your legs.
Grooms, face your bride and dip her down.
Change things up as you go along by looking at each other, then at the camera.
Hold hands while standing still or take a stroll together hand-in-hand.
Remember to be yourselves – hug, laugh, or steal a kiss!

Stand Up Straight

If you’re camera-shy, you might tend to slouch to draw attention away from yourself. But remember this: the straighter you stand, the better you’ll look.

Even the slimmest people can appear to have double chins. To avoid this, standing up straight helps you elongate your neck. If you want to make a conscious effort to do this, move your head forward a bit and tilt your chin down. Want another quick trick to elongate the neck? Use your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth.

Brides: Keep Arms Away From Your Body

When you press your arms against your body, it actually makes your shoulders broader and your arms bigger than they really are. To show your arms the way they actually are, put your arms slightly out so there’s an inch or so of space between your arms and the body.

Try Different Ways To Smile

You’ve been smiling all day, and you’re feeling tired! You might also be tempted to try that trendy supermodel with a stern face. But remember, this is your wedding and you don’t want to look pissed in your wedding shoot. So, change things up and try these other ways to smile:

Smile with just your eyes. This is harder to fake so it gives off a positive vibe that you’re genuinely happy. It also adds a touch of playful mystery to hint that you’re content, but you’re not giving it all away with a big grin. Finally, it gives your cheeks a break!

Smiles can get old as the day goes on, and fake smiles can start to look unflattering. Loosening up those cheeks by laughing instead. Even if you’re faking it, the pure ridiculousness of it will probably make your partner laugh. And laughing is contagious, so you might just laugh for real yourself! Changing up that grin will make your wedding shoot a lot more interesting.

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