Wedding Ceremony Chair Reserved Signs (Free Template!)

Wedding Ceremony Chair Reserved Signs (Free Template!)

When the big day rolls along, you might not be the only ones who are excited. Those closest and dearest to you are probably just as excited as you. And when they get excited, it’s only human nature to forget things. Help them out and make them feel extra special by labelling their seats at your wedding ceremony.

We’ve designed custom wedding ceremony chair reserved signs, so you don’t need to yourselves. Simply download and print the template out, decorate them with your favourite ribbon or twine, and hang them on the chairs at the ceremony.

Our free downloadable PDF includes the following signs

Mother of the Bride
Father of the Bride
Mother of the Groom
Father of the Groom
Stepmother of the Bride
Stepfather of the Bride
Stepmother of the Groom
Stepfather of the Groom
Reserved (General Use)

How Do You Use These Wedding Reserved Signs?

  1. Click the link above to save the pdf file onto your computer.
  2. Open the pdf file on your favourite pdf software. The pdf file is three pages long, and each page contains three signs.
  3. Load your printer paper. We recommend using white or cream-coloured card stock (e.g. 8-1/2″ x 11″, 67 lbs)
  4. Print the pages.
  5. Separate each sign by cutting the page into threes and trimming the white edges.
  6. Punch a hole on the top middle part of each sign.
  7. Loop a piece of twine or a pretty ribbon through the hole on each sign.
  8. Hang the signs on your wedding ceremony chairs on your wedding day!

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