Top 6 Wedding Favour Ideas

Top 6 Wedding Favour Ideas

Have you gone to a wedding where you received a wedding favour that you really didn’t want to keep? It’s not just a waste of money, it’s also a waste of time if you prepare favours that guests will toss out after the wedding. We’ve come up with six great wedding favour suggestions that we love. Chances are, if we love it, your guests will too!

Mini Succulents

These trendy little plants are cute and add a nice touch of greenery to any space. Since they don’t take up a lot of room and are easy to maintain, guests can either display the plant in their homes or bring it to the office.

Flip Flops

Your guests have been with you throughout the day, into the night, and onto the dance floor. Unless you’re the bride or the bridesmaid, not a lot of people bring an extra pair of comfy footwear to weddings. So, treat your guests to a cute pair of flip fops that they can take home, and they (plus their feet) will thank you.

Lip Balm

Everyone needs lip balm, especially with our dry, cold Canadian winters. Share your favourite scents with personalized lip balms for your guests, and they’ll be sure to keep this favour in their bags.

Personalized Coasters

If you’re planning on giving something to your guests to display in their homes, they probably don’t want to have your names on it. Surprise guests with chic personalized coasters with their own names on it to make them feel extra special. Plus, they can double as seating arrangement place cards.

Busy Bags For Kids

Kids are cute, but they can also be loud and lose attention quickly at long weddings. Keep the little ones entertained and reduce disruptions to your wedding day with thoughtful quiet activities for them.

Donate To Your Favourite Cause

This is a growing trend for couples that want to give back to the community and reduce waste to the environment. There's no need to mention this on the invite. Instead, just mention this in your program on your wedding day.

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